5 Ways Investing in Upskilling Can Boost your Business

Most businesses, whatever the size, have their peaks and troughs. For instance, a seaside ice cream parlour may be rushed of its feet during the summer months, but may close for business entirely over the winter.

On the other hand, a small manufacturing company that produces goods popular over the festive period, might receive a significant increase in orders during the Golden Quarter, but remain comparatively quiet for the remainder of the year.

Maximising Capacity All Year Round

Years of experience help small businesses to devise staffing, cashflow and stock plans that help them cope with whatever the peak periods throw at them. The difference between survival and downfall of a small business is often how they maximise their capacity for handling the peak times, by using the quieter times to prepare.

Upskilling your Workforce

One way of making the most of quieter times is by investing in your staff and incentivising them to ensure you gain the best performance when it counts most, during those peak periods. Of course, in today’s economic climate, with all the pressures of running a business, upskilling your team is probably the last thing on your mind…

Despite this, upskilling your employees can work wonders for your business. After all, there’s only so much an employee can learn and grow if they haven’t undergone formal training in a while, and growth is essential for business success.

Apprenticeship Training

Apprenticeships are a proven way to develop your workforce, they are on-the-job training programmes designed to meet the specific need of your business.

Here we’ve put a list of 5 ways your business could benefit from apprenticeship training:

  • Gain Higher Efficiencies

If an employee needs to perform a task they aren’t trained to do, it will take more time and effort to complete it. This drain of resources is unnecessary and poses a long-term loss if it isn’t remedied. Training is an immediate investment that guarantees more efficient production and better-informed employees in the future.

  • Encourage Employees to Grow

Investing in colleagues makes them feel valued and gives them the potential to offer something more than their current capabilities. You’re teaching your staff a new skill set, and allowing them to grow as individuals and in a professional capacity. In a culture where job turnover is extremely high, loyalty is worth investing in.

  • Create a Learning Culture

It has been said that an organisation that encourages continual learning, will create a learning culture, which will lead to greater business success. Upskilling cultivates a learning culture. By putting the extra time and money into strengthening the skills of your workforce, your colleagues will often begin putting in extra effort too. Employees win because they feel valued, and you win because you get more for your money.

  • Incentivise your Staff

Motivating and encouraging your staff with apprenticeship training can prove to be an invaluable incentive. Apprenticeship programmes can not only give you direct access to some of the brightest new talent in the country, they also help offer you the opportunity to develop your own people too.

  • Boost your Business

Refusing to read the signs that it’s time to expand your business could lose you valuable business. Rather than outsourcing, find a candidate amongst your staff with the capacity and aptitude, and train them in the skills that both your business and they need. This will save you money on costly outsourcing in the long-run, whilst helping to boost your business.

Sensible Training Are Here to Help

At Sensible Training, our aim is to provide you with training solutions that help you exceed your targets, achieve competitive advantage and most importantly to develop and inspire your most important asset; your people.

If you want your business to be competitive and efficient with high performing and motivated staff we provide quality, bespoke training that will help you achieve your goals.

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