How Do Apprenticeship Programs Meet the Needs of Small to Medium Businesses?

There are many challenges that small to medium businesses (SMEs) face when bringing new talent into their organisation…

If you’re a small to medium sized business, and you’ve considered hiring an apprentice, but feel you don’t know enough on the subject to pursue it further, Sensible Training can help.

For any SMEs, there are specific things you should know about hiring an apprentice before you go ahead and do so.

So, if you’d like to increase your knowledge on the subject of apprentices and the advantages they can bring to your workplace, keep reading as we’ve put together a list of 5 useful facts to help…

1) What Does an Apprenticeship Entail?

An apprenticeship combines work with training, and leads up to a work-based qualification once complete. During an apprenticeship, apprentices are able to work and earn simultaneously, whilst building towards a qualification and gaining practical skills to set them in good stead for future employment. An apprenticeship is effectively a stepping stone in a young person’s career, providing the apprentice with a successful route to their chosen profession.

2) How Do SMEs Hire an Apprentice?

Although hiring an apprentice has many similarities to hiring an employee, the hiring process differs somewhat.

Step One

Firstly, you need to choose a framework. Search for options of a length and level that you think is suitable for your company. This step can be easily completed using the website. (

Step Two

The next step is to locate a training organisation. This may be a college or a training provider such as Sensible Training. The training provider will be in charge of assessments, meaning you as the employer can focus more on the practical elements.

Step Three

Some businesses are eligible for a grant so it’s worth exploring this avenue to see if you are eligible. Companies with less than 50 employees looking to hire an apprentice between the ages of 16-24, should find that they are eligible for a grant.

Step Four

Now comes the exciting part, advertising your vacancy! This ought to be completed via the government’s online facility.

Step Five

Based on the applications you receive, step 5 is the time to choose your apprentice.

Step Six

An agreement is the next step; you’ll need to create an apprentice agreement. More information can be found on creating an apprentice agreement here. (

3) What Frameworks Are Available?

There are many frameworks to choose from. To start with, you can opt for intermediate, advanced or a higher level framework. Then there are the numerous industries available to choose from too. As a training provider, here at Sensible Training we provide Apprenticeship Programmes within the following industries; Business & Administration, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, IT for users, and Team Leading and Management. You’re certain to find an apprenticeship that works for you.

4) Training Providers

For SMEs that don’t have the time or resources to provide an apprenticeship, training providers can step in and do the work on your behalf, creating less hassle for you whilst allowing you the fantastic opportunity of having a young, determined apprentice as part of your workforce.

5) Becoming an Apprentice Employer

There are many apprentices that want to learn new skills, and becoming an apprentice employer means you can provide young apprentices with the opportunity to learn, while easing skills shortages. Admittedly, there are no short cuts and effort is required to train your apprentice in order for them to excel within your business, so it’s not something to be taken on lightly.


For employers looking to take on apprentices, you’ll find there’s a lot of help and guidance out there to assist you on your journey, including the helpful assistance of training providers.

Contact Sensible Training today to gain from expertly delivered work-based leaning to suit the needs of your business.

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