Employer Feedback

Matthew, Restauranteur, CambridgeIMG_1269 said:

I have previously worked with NVQ’s and after a bad experience I was sceptical at first but after a couple of business development meetings I was excited by the change in the Standards. We had a slow start but within 6 months I could see the benefits.  Claire from Sensible Training has been able to give us clear guidance on how we can best use the BIIAB QADAP modules to meet our requirements. After each training session Adrian has improved and change his approach.  He is starting to become a leader.  The tasks in the QADAP pack strengthen his knowledge and gives him the skills to grow in his team leader role. Claire tailors the modules to our industry “hospitality” so we can put it in the right context. I am really pleased with Adrian’s efforts and the change in him.  I know this will continue to grow the more we work through these QADAP modules

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