Highlighting the Opportunity for Staff Development in an Ever-Evolving Market

Seeing the potential in your workforce when they are stretched is quite often the case during busy periods, particularly in industries such as hospitality. There’s no mistaking that certain staff shine under pressure, and as a result, you know precisely the type of training they could benefit from to release further potential, it’s simply finding the time.

In fact, many companies take on new staff during the golden quarter in preparation for the Christmas rush and notice problems, but are too busy to do anything about it. Which is why, January often proves a popular month to implement new training, being a far quieter month in comparison.

So, with the Christmas madness over for another year, you can breathe again and possibly even relax a little but, were you able to highlight any development areas for your staff during this peak period?

Continuous & Lifelong Learning

In the current jobs market, it’s essential to adapt quickly to fit changing roles, which makes continuous learning a strong requirement for potential employees. As a result, learning to learn is a crucial skill now required, not only at college or university, but in the workplace as well.

Apprenticeship training can empower job seekers, who are cognisant and receptive, with a new skillset, unlocking their potential and enabling them to find success in what is now a highly competitive market.

You no longer require a degree to stand out, you just need to possess the determination and vigilance to seize a learning opportunity, and want to engage in lifelong learning. Similarly however, an employer’s ability to be observant and open to possibilities will enable him or her to choose the right candidate in the first instance, who’ll more likely embrace the opportunity to further their learning.

– The Emphasis on Particular Skills

The emphasis on particular skills differs from one profession to another, but with the same basic outcome… the skills help to craft a valuable and desirable employee. In today’s fast moving society, being adaptable and multi-faceted is naturally prioritised amongst these skills, as opportunities and companies evolve rapidly.

How Talent Mismatch Can Obstruct Staff Prospects

Paris based OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) state that ‘Skills have the potential to transform lives and drive economies. However, in many countries, imbalances between the supply and demand for skills lead to significant skill mismatches and shortages.’

With such skill mismatches and shortages, OECD said ‘lifelong learning should be encouraged among adults and more should be done to promote skills’. When you consider that we are in a digital age, where globalisation and changes in demographics are occurring, there is an on-going requirement to constantly reshape skill needs.

Assessing and Anticipating Changing Skill Needs

But how can we better assess and anticipate changing skill needs and how can we improve the responsiveness of skills development to these changes? The OECD suggests ‘Careers services should be strengthened, including more interactions between employers and schools, while there should be increased awareness about the value of training.’

– Fundamental Skills for Today’s Employee

Fundamental skills for today’s employee include; the ability to multi-task, show initiative and flexibility, effectively organise workloads and take responsibility for personal development. Such generic skills, with a particular focus on communication, application of number and IT are strongly associated with skills gaps, in particular with communication, team working and customer handling.

In previous years, a significant number of sector bodies have actively promoted the development of these generic skills, chiefly through apprenticeship frameworks and by tailoring NVQ modules. Such apprenticeship frameworks can prove extremely beneficial to employers who recognise lifelong learning can benefit their staff.

By assessing changing skills and what’s required to remain up-to-date in today’s fast and constantly evolving modern world, you can work to improve the responsiveness of skills development within your business.

Could your Company Benefit from Apprenticeship Training?

At Sensible Training, we aim to provide the training solutions to develop and inspire your most important asset; your staff. We are experts at nurturing talent and developing the next generation in the workplace. For more information, contact us today.

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