How You Can Benefit from High-Impact Apprenticeship Training

High-impact apprenticeship training has two main benefits, firstly it helps you to keep the right people within your company, and secondly it helps to increase company productivity, not to mention profits.

How you engage and develop your talented workforce impacts significantly on retention and business growth, making apprenticeship training more important than ever before.

According to Gallup, 87% of millennials consider career growth opportunities to be very important whilst employee development was identified by the 100 Best Companies as a top area of focus.

As businesses grow and the battle for talent strengthens, it’s progressively important to execute apprenticeship training programs that are not only competitive, but that support your enterprise on its defined strategic path.

Over the past few years, organisations with high-impact learning have delivered profit growth three times greater than their competitors. How? Well, if you can keep your staff current and skilled, you can evolve and perform better than your competitors.

A Careful Planning and Alignment Process

High-impact apprenticeship training programs are the result of a careful planning and alignment process – they don’t just happen. So, in order to cater for your apprentices and provide a tailored training plan, it’s crucial to consider your business objectives and ensure you select the relevant provider, because you should have the option to tailor the training provided to meet the needs of your business.

Does the Training Compliment your Business Goals?

Any training that you execute within your business should meet your company’s overall business goals. By ensuring your business objectives are at the forefront of your apprenticeship training you can guarantee it makes a measurable impact.

What are the Learning Objectives?

Considering the learning objectives of the apprenticeship training material is a crucial step. The learning objectives need to be clearly and concisely stated in order for the apprentice to know which direction they’re heading in, and for you as a business to ensure those objectives are met.

Discovering the Skill Gaps

By discovering the gaps between your worker’s current skills and the skills they aspire to have, you can gain a better understanding as to what the specific learning objectives of the workplace training should be.

Gaining the Best from your Apprentices

  • By discovering their motivations, you’re more likely to gain a better outcome from the apprenticeship training programme, ensuring it’s a success for both the apprentice, and your business.
  • By bearing in mind what aids your apprentices need to complete their role effectively, you will stand a better chance of gaining a high-impact performance from them.
  • By considering which skills your apprentices need to attain to perform their roles, you can distinguish what content should be included in the course, and what shouldn’t.

Advantages of High-Impact Apprenticeship Training

Many successful companies invest in apprenticeship training programs because they know that the investment (both in time and money) pays off both for the organisation and the apprenticeship.

Organisational Benefits

  • Productivity growth

3 out of 4 businesses say that they increase productivity by taking on apprentices.

  • Reduced employee turnover

Gaining new staff and upskilling existing employees will help to reduce employee turnover.

  • Deeper talent succession pipelines

Apprentices can not only help you to tackle skills shortages in your sector, they can build up your company with the potential to be leaders of the future.

Apprenticeship Benefits

  • Improved motivation

Not only do apprentices get to train whilst they work, they also gain the same rights that an employee would gain receiving; a regular wage, holiday entitlement, fair working hours and rest breaks.

  • Better engagement

Learners can choose to complete an Apprenticeship in a number of interesting sectors, in addition to gaining nationally-recognised qualifications and hands-on experience in their chosen industry.

  • Improved speed to competency

Apprentices can gain access to on-the-job training to help enhance their future prospects, whilst becoming a crucial team member of a sector specific business.

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Hire an Apprentice…

Sensible Training are experts at nurturing talent and developing the next generation in the workplace. Get in touch today to find out how we can help your business benefit from high-impact apprenticeship training.

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