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Sensible Training are experts at nurturing talent and
developing the next generation in the workplace.

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Sensible Training are experts at nurturing talent and developing the next generation in the workplace. With help from our Apprenticeship programme, you will become an integral part of a company, gaining the support you need and enabling you the opportunity to thrive in full-time employment.

There has never been a better time to start as an Apprentice and with such a fantastic range of different employers, at different levels in a range of industries, it’s certainly a professional path worth exploring, and here’s why…

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Become an Apprentice…

Sensible Training offers a range of work-based learning, with Apprentices gaining relevant and effective qualifications while obtaining valuable real world employment experience.

Choosing to be an Apprentice with Sensible Training means you can choose from the following subject areas:

  • Team Leading & Management
  • Business & Administration
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • IT

Why not kick-start your future with an Apprenticeship? At Sensible Training, we’re always happy to help. Get in touch today to discuss your options.


What is an Apprenticeship?

An Apprenticeship scheme is when an employer takes you on as an employee and you train whilst you work. You gain the same rights that an employee would gain. During your training within the Apprenticeship programme, you will receive a regular wage and are entitled to holidays, fair working hours and rest breaks.

You can choose to complete an Apprenticeship in a number of interesting sectors, and combine on-the-job training with classroom learning, in addition to gaining nationally-recognised qualifications and hands-on experience of your chosen industry.

If you join our Apprenticeship programme at Sensible Training you will be positioned into full-time employment with a helpful company that will help you to learn while you earn and gain access to on-the-job training.


Why Become an Apprentice

There are many reasons to become an Apprentice, from the financial elements, such as earning while you learn, to the practical elements, such as following a structured programme and learning the skills you need to become a success in your chosen sector.

By joining an Apprenticeship programme with Sensible Training, you will gain access to on-the-job training to help enhance your future prospects, whilst becoming a crucial team member of a sector specific business.

Our Apprenticeship programme offers you the chance to:

  1. Receive effective on-the-job training
  2. Gain an industry recognised qualification
  3. Earn a full-time salary

That’s just three great reasons to take up an Apprenticeship, but there are many more…


Reasons to become an Apprentice

There are lots of benefits to becoming an Apprentice, here we’ve compiled a list to assist in your decision making process…

Develop and learn new skills  

It’s important to gain employability skills; skills that employees look for when considering an applicant for a job role. With an Apprenticeship you will gain these very skills from your valuable experience within your chosen industry.

Gain a full-time job  

Experience real-life work conditions with a full-time job. Get into the routine of a Monday to Friday working week, setting you in good stead to gain professional work ethics, and the importance of punctuality and timekeeping.

Earn while you learn  

You will be able to earn a wage whilst learning new skills if you choose to become an Apprentice. This is a fantastic advantage of the Apprenticeship programme as it allows you the opportunity to save up, or fund your day-to-day lifestyle, whilst reducing the risk of accumulating student debt.

Study towards a formal qualification  

Work towards an industry-recognised qualification whilst completing your Apprenticeship providing plenty of scope for a successful career in the future.

Benefit from paid holidays  

The company that employ you will provide you with employee benefits including paid holiday. As an Apprentice, you’ll be entitled to at least one and a half days’ paid holiday for every month of your training, in addition to bank holidays.

Improve career progression 

Having completed your Apprenticeship, there will be a variety of exciting options available to you. For starters, you can opt for an Advanced Apprenticeship, or you can progress onto University. If the idea of being your own boss has always appealed to you, the skills you have gained throughout your Apprenticeship could enable you set up your own business too.

Learn transferable skills  

Gain essential transferable skills while you study. Transferable skills are skills and abilities that are relevant and helpful across different areas of your professional life and are certain to come in useful in future work environments.

Identify clear progression routes  

Explore practical tips to help you move forward in your career whilst identifying clear routes to help achieve your future professional goals. If you’re unsure of your progression or the route you wish to take, you’ll gain the support and advice that you need to help move forwards.

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