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There has never been a better time to hire an Apprentice and with the opportunity to gain from aspirational training that helps to confidently shape your business, why turn down the opportunity? At Sensible Training, we work to boost your most crucial asset, your employees.

Sensible Training are experts at nurturing talent and developing the next generation in the workplace. We can help you to boost your company by providing training solutions that not only assist in exceeding your targets, but that enable you to have a competitive advantage over your competitors.

What is an Apprenticeship?

An Apprenticeship scheme is when an employer takes on an employee and trains them whilst they work. The Apprentice is given the same rights that an employee would be given. While the Apprentice completes the Apprenticeship programme, they receive a regular wage and are entitled to holidays, fair working hours and rest breaks.

While employing an Apprentice, you will offer on-the-job training with help from a training provider, in addition to offering industry recognised qualifications and hands-on experience of your industry, with the help of government funding.

The Benefits of Taking
on an Apprentice

  1. A great way to recruit new staff and upskill existing employees
  2. 3 in 4 businesses say they increase productivity
  3. You can tailor the training to meet the needs of your business
  4. They can help tackle skill shortages in your sector
  5. And build up your firm’s leaders of the future


Why Hire an Apprentice?

There are many reasons to take on an Apprentice, from understanding the skills and ambitions of an individual, to taking the chance to help develop your own members of staff, not to mention having the opportunity to hire some of the smartest new talent in the country.

By providing an Apprenticeship programme with Sensible Training, you will benefit from a proven way to expand your workforce with on-the-job training programmes designed to adhere to the individual needs of your enterprise.

Reasons to Hire an Apprentice…

Many employers at some stage have considered whether or not to take on an Apprentice. The positive news is that, over the past few years, a large number of businesses - both big and small - have reaped the rewards of hiring an Apprentice, and with such advanced programmes developing for employers, now couldn’t be a better time to benefit from a dynamic addition to your team via the somewhat unique and advantageous recruitment option that is Apprenticeships.

There are lots of fantastic reasons why you should hire an Apprentice, here we’ve compiled a list to assist in your decision making process…

There’s Never Been a Better Time
to Hire an Apprentice…

Sensible Training offers a range of work-based learning, with Apprentices gaining relevant and effective qualifications while obtaining valuable real world employment experience. Apprentices with Sensible Training can choose from the following sectors to work in:

  • Team Leading & Management
  • Business & Administration
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • IT

Speak to us and find out how we can help your business grow. At Sensible Training, we’re always happy to help. Get in touch today to discuss your options.

Government Funded and Affordable  

If you choose to hire an Apprentice, you’ll be thrilled to learn that it is a very affordable option. This is because it is government funded. Depending on the age of the Apprentice, the government will cover some, if not all, of the training involved. This ensures you gain a bright young employee whilst keeping costs down.

Gain from the Best, Young Talent  

The majority of young people who choose to take the Apprenticeship route are mostly seeking an alternative to University. They come with a fresh mind, full of possibility, and ready to learn, allowing the perfect opportunity to mould them into the Apprentice you require to fulfil the needs of your business.

Training Providers Do a Lot of the Work for You  

For companies without an in-house training team, you’ll benefit from the assistance of a training provider who will handle all the formal training, qualification and assessment. This structured and industry specific training will be provided by a training provider such as ourselves here at Sensible Training, meaning we do a lot of the work for you.

Helping to Combat Youth Unemployment  

By hiring an Apprentice, you are helping to combat youth unemployment. By giving a young person in the UK a job, you are offering an ethical solution that helps boost youth employment, whilst building a skilled economy that will help drive the future economy.

You’ll find that customers who learn that you’re investing in young Apprentices will prefer to give you their business. This is because they see you as a business that represents a strong sense of communal responsibility.

Gain a New Dynamic through Young Apprentices  

Gain a new energy in your workforce by hiring young Apprentices; providing a whole new dynamic to your work environment. Apprentices are looking to build a career and by having them as part of your team, you could notice a huge leap in productivity levels.

Remember that not only are Apprentices hoping to learn new skills, they’re also earning a wage and looking to succeed in life. You’ll find they often have that zest for life and passion that other employees lack.

Employer Testimonials

I can honestly say that working with Sensible Training and the apprentices they have provided has been the single biggest positive influence on our growth in the past 2 years

James, Recruitment Manager, North london

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